SACRAL CHAKRA: Goddess Inanna

The sacral governs relationships, sexuality and creativity. From this place we birth not only our children, but our self expression and way of being in the world.

Inanna was the oldest of the love goddess of the Mesopotamian region. She was a Sumerian goddess of love and war. Although she is regarded as a virgin (owned by no man), Inanna is the goddess responsible for sexual love, procreation, and fertility. Her temples were filled with priestesses trained in the transcendent rituals of sacred sexuality and they ministered their healing and sexual powers upon the men who would come to have a sacred experience of the goddess.

Just as our sacral chakra governs our fertility, relationships and creativity, Inanna (and her later incarnation Ishtar) were worshipped for their ability to reinvigorate the land with fertility, causing the crops to grow and the animals to birth. This orange chakra is all about creating new life and birthing it into the world, whether that be physical life or a new creative endeavour. Call on Inanna to add something sacred to your sex life or inspire a new creative project.

Sit quietly and place your attention on your sacral chakra, a hand’s width below your belly button. The colour here is orange. Visualise a disc of orange light spinning as you breathe it awake. Truly see the colour, feel its warmth and now take a disc of this light and spin it right around your whole body at this level in a clock wise direction, like you are sitting inside a donut. Feel it awaken your sensual being and activate your sexual appeal.


~ por Rosemaat Abiff em 13/09/2015.

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