he heart and the feather

Came to the presence of the mighty Lord of karma,

The inevitable date with the fate in afterlife
His judgment being neutral

The law it will be applied

How many times again it will be repeated this date?

The balances are prepared with the heart and the feather

Ready both to be weighted and revelead be the sentence
That the lord karma will utter.

Walking through the halls that leads to the underworld

One time and again
After living lives in vain

just to charge the heart with a heavy burden.

He patiently will make his work of measurement.

With his presence cold like a stone
with his face like the captain of warriors

But he secretly desire that this time will be the last.

He is saying it to you without speech,
but trying you to receive his message in your mind.

He also have appeared during dreams in the life time.

Just trying to make you remember of this inevitable date.

And he wants your heart to weight as light as his feather.

© Star Ruby

Painting by Ewelina Ferruso

~ por Rosemaat Abiff em 27/02/2016.

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