“Blessed be She, ay, blessed unto the Ages be our Lady BABALON, that plieth her scourge upon me, {Tau }{Omicron } {Mu }{Epsilon }{Gamma }{Alpha } {Tau }{Theta }{Eta }{Rho }{Iota }{Omicron }{Nu }, to compel me to creation and to destruction, which are one, in birth and in death, being Love! Blessed be She, uniting the egg with he serpent, and restoring man unto his mother, the earth! Blessed be she, that offereth beauty and ecstasy in the orgasm of every change, and that exciteth thy wonder and thy worship by the contemplation of her mind many-wiled! Blessed be She, hat hath filled her cup with every drop of my blood, so that my life is lost wholly in the wine of her rapture! Behold, how she is drunken thereon, and staggereth about the heavens, wallowing in joy, crying aloud the song of uttermost love! Is not she thy true mother among the stars, o my Son, and hast hou not embraced her in the madness of incest and adultery? Yea, blessed be she, blessed be her name, and the name of her name, unto the ages!”
Liber Aleph

~ por Rosemaat Abiff em 03/05/2016.

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