Black Mass by Kain Morgenmeer

“I am God, and all other gods are my imagery. I gave birth to myself. I am millions of forms excreating; eternal; and nothing exists except through me; yet I am not them – they serve me.”
— Austin Osman Spare

Another justification beforehand: the old problem of “Do I explain my art or do I let people think what they want?”

Some explanations for the people who think this is another piece of trashy pseudo-occult art (and there’s a lot of that out there).

First and foremost, this (and the other pictures of this series) is an expression of my aesthetics. Nothing more.

It is influenced by the imagery of classical black masses we all now from Hollywood movies and posters, CD artwork, music videos and so on.

It’s based on the ideas and imaginations of the 19th and 20th century, especially the 60s and 70s.

I was mainly influenced by the album cover of Covens first album “Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls”, which had a strong impact on me some years ago. Therefore this is also some kind of tribute.

I think illustrations from Chris Achilleos and Frank Frazetta (which I loved when I was a teenager and which I love still) influenced me too.

Many will feel reminded of the CoS (Church of Satan), of their theatrically rituals, which are just for show and with no spirituality at all etc. etc. If you want to see it that way, that’s fine, but I’m not a CoS Satanist. I can’t relate to that. There’s more to magick than just theater, much more. Be assured that I know my trade.

Real Satanism, or my take on that which most people call “Satanism”, is something different.

Satanism hasn’t necessarily to be dark or evil. It doesn’t have to do with inverting Christian symbols. It doesn’t have to do with all this Judeo-Christian stuff at all. Even it if the roots of the term “Satanism” itself are based in Christianity, because the term “Satan” comes from there. But this is another topic.

Again: these photo series is not meant to show “real Satanism”, it is art honouring a kind of certain visual style. As said above, it’s an expression of my taste. My version of a magical ritual, a black mass… as you like
My view of magick is (and of course for most people too), that functional magick has to appeal and activate the mind or the psyche to work properly. For you have to activate your inmost parts.

If theatrically rituals work better for some people than for other ones, it’s ok.

I’m more a visual guy. My cultural imprint makes me more amenable for these kinds of visual appearances.

Over and out!

“We each approach the psychic wilderness from our own unique yet familiar terrain, and our maps each must have the fluidity to adapt to our special orientations.”

— Stephen Mace, Sorcery as virtual mechanics

~ por Rosemaat Abiff em 19/05/2016.

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