An neophyte

dust in the wind…

I do faculty of philosophy, love it, I want to be a teacher, also study theology, natural history and sociology, I am a Senior DeMolay, and I’m Rosicrucian Martinist, I was raised within the teaching of Allan Kardec, I like to study Judaism and cabalah I love martial arts as taekwondo or jiu jtsu, read the game very much and strategy games, I consider myself a geek. I am the sign of Taurus, stubborn, and jealous friend, I love my family, I love eating sweets, I love bodybuilding, I like to see the stars at night, so wanted to meet the united states of america or canada, like, I love fighting with swords several swords at home, wanted to learn to shoot with bow and arrow and guns, I love the doctrine of Pythagoras, I want to go vegetarian one day, I let down easy with people, consider myself the black sheep of the family … miss you My father does not know if heaven exists but want him to have peace, hate evil, hate evil people like the freedom equality and brotherhood, and love reading the old testament of the new’m not a big fan, since I read the entire Koran, and try to understand this war between the three major religions in love over a barbecue like a good gaucho

4 Respostas to “An neophyte”

  1. Bom dia

    Como entro nesse MC?


  2. Tem algum e-mail para contato? Gostaria de sanar algumas dúvidas que não me convém escrever por comentários.


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